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Who are we?

Passionate about technology and digital transformation, with specialized services
and believing in Cloud.

We are 4MSTech, a Microsoft Cloud specialist company, with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 and Azure.

We have already had several challenging and successful cases of
migration of on-premises Datacenter.

We also deliver several complex Microsoft 365 projects, involving change
management and end users, with a focus on security.

We were created from an ideal of some friends, with experience in IT multinationals in the most diverse functions. We already started showing
our capacity, quickly conquering new customers from different sizes and segments, and expanding our operation.

We are passionate about what we do and constantly seek the greatest knowledge in innovative technologies. Our commitment is to quality and excellence in serving our customers.

We seek to optimize the use of IT resources using modernization technology and Cloud solutions, with responsibility, agility and security in the delivery of solutions and services.

Cloud specialists

Our services

Cloud Solutions

We have a complete set of offerings for adopting Microsoft 365 and Cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure that aim to improve cost-effectiveness, simplify processes and significantly increase
the productivity of your corporate environment.

Productivity and
Security Solutions

We are deeply knowledgeable about the Microsoft 365 cloud and we take all the potential that these solutions offer to reduce costs and increase the productivity of your company, allowing secure remote work for all employees.

It is common to see that Microsoft 365 components are not used in their entirety by companies, which end up investing in other products and services unnecessarily.

Asset Management

Companies have applications, servers, SHOW,
HW licenses, links, contracts. All these assets
have a dependency relationship services for internal or external use. The GAM it is the way
to continuously manage and optimize the use
of these assets.

Social responsability

4MSTech seeks to encourage the exercise of citizenship by employees, customers, suppliers and the entire community. We seek to contribute
with actions aimed at human development, either through the ecological awareness, or with attitudes that reduce environmental impacts and
physical and social inequalities.

We want to help the access of people with disabilities in the labor market,
in addition to creating opportunities for young people and all those who
can add with their experiences.

It is essential to ensure that child labor, forced labor or abusive disciplinary practices are not used. As well as respect for human rights union
associations and collective bargaining of our group.

Therefore, we carry out and are open to partnerships with organizations
who share the same values ​​as our company.

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