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Datacenter Migration and Modernization

With Microsoft Azure we can help your company modernize applications
and infrastructure with a Cloud strategy focused to the business.

Agility, Security, Scalability
and Resilience

These characteristics are linked to the digital transformation, sought
by all companies that want to differentiate themselves in today’s world.
To achieve them, it is necessary to invest in modern technologies,
available on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure
Cloud Solution

An effective digital transformation of a Datacenter begins with migration
to the Cloud. It is a journey for higher value organizations, changing the
status quo. The “as-is” or “lift and shift” migration is the first recommended step, already freeing up a series of features as a service Azure for more optimized workloads.

As a second step, it is already possible to transform and modernize migrated environments, as well as use infrastructure resources such as code, natural
to Azure. In this journey, the company gains maturity, trains and certifies its professionals, allowing the full use of Cloud.

At the beginning of the journey, it is necessary to assess which degree of transformation will be performed on the applications to be migrated.
The graph shows a evolution path and strategies applicable to
each degree.

The diagram shows the differences and makes it clear what degree of management and investment should be made per layer.

On-premises x IaaS x PaaS x SaaS

Azure does not “buy stock”, allowing you to pay only for what is actually used.

Cloud Models
Azure: virtually unlimited scalability, security, management, among others

Datacenter Migration

4MSTech has its own methodology for Datacenter migration, based on
Azure CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework). This methodology has been extensively tested and perfected in the many successful projects
already delivered.

The methodology provides for at least 4 project phases:

  • Planning
  • Settings
  • Migration
  • Implementation

Migration is typically done in waves, looking to migrate sets of servers
that compose each application and avoiding traffic unnecessary between remaining on-premises servers with those already migrated.

Projects are always delivered using best practices security and
governance and knowledge transfer to customer teams.

Typical Offers

and Applications

  • Windows Server and Linux on IaaS
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • File Server
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Azure Monitor (modern management with
    Log Analytics and Application Insights)

Data and Security

  • SQL Server on IaaS and PaaS, including Managed Instances
  • Oracle for SQL Server or PostgreSQL (can be like PaaS)
  • Security:
    • Bastion
    • Security Center
    • Sentinel
    • AD Connect / Azure AD

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